Teachers from local educational institutions meet Vanmac and TRILO

To achieve better alignment between education and the labour market, the Amersfoort municipality is developing initiatives to connect teachers with local companies. By introducing teachers to Vanmac and TRILO, they can enthuse students about a future in engineering.

In the 2021/2022 school year, Amersfoort will be the National Education City. From the Municipality, there are plenty of initiatives to boost education and the labour market. Through network programmes, teachers and the business community are brought into contact with each other, with the aim of improving the connection between education and the labour market. This will ensure that good professionals are and remain available for the future. Because there has been a shortage of these for years.

Working in engineering with personal guidance

As a modern, innovative and very progressive company within the manufacturing industry, Vanmac / TRILO is of course happy to be part of this initiative! After all, supporting young people who want to develop further within a technical company is one of our objectives. Whether you are still learning, looking for an internship or have already completed your education, we like to talk to people who want to develop further in a technical company that delivers skilled work.

Teachers meet company and employees

As part of the Docent in Bedrijf network programme, various teachers/supervisors from educational institutions in the Amersfoort region visited the Vanmac Group on Monday 4 October. A brief introduction was followed by a tour of the modern workshop. For over 50 years, professional vacuum sweepers, mowing sweepers, leaf blowers, verticute units and vacuum containers have been produced here under the TRILO® brand name. A number of employees from both the office and the workshop, explained to the visitors their work at Vanmac / TRILO. They also told how they ended up at the company and how they experience the support in the field of further development and internal training.

Deploying smart technology within the manufacturing industry

The overall organisation is growing enormously and constantly needs new people. In the modern workshop, at the welding department, but also in other departments such as Research & Development or Engineering. Modern techniques such as a ProductConfigurator, Internet of Things (IoT) applications and all kinds of applications are in full use.

By participating in the Docent in Bedrijf programme, Vanmac Group hopes to have presented a nice calling card to education representatives. So that they can draw the attention of their students to the great career opportunities available within our organisation.

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If you consider corporate social responsibility of importance, and you manufacture (among other things) machines that are used to collect waste and clear up litter and leaves, the link with World CleanUp Day is easily made. The Vanmac Group and its TRILO® suction units are therefore happy to do their bit for a clean Amersfoort on Saturday 18 September 2021!